Agent Lies About Player's Birthplace To Double Team's Contract Offer

LOS ANGELES- Player agent, Daniel Lewinson of EZManagement knew that signing Utah native, Rodrigo Vallejo was a big win. Vallejo is the bright new prospect out of Ogden, Utah that most MLS teams have had their eye on since the College Cup started being shown on ESPN. 

Lewinson signed Vallejo by promising him that he could get twice the salary offers from teams and Lewinson could guarantee it. Unbeknownst to Vallejo, Lewinson had very simple, yet effective plans. 

Lewinson changed Vallejo's birthplace from Odgen, Utah to Puebla, Mexico. Lewinson also erased the portion of the portfolio that Vallejo graduated with a degree from Creighton University and altered it to say he scored 36 goals in the Mexican 5th division last year. 

Since the small adjustment, MLS teams have been lining up to get their hands on him. Reports yesterday were that Vallejo has had offers up to $350,000 and at least 2 guaranteed years. Lewinson told one TFBF reporter that if he had left Vallejo's information as it was, he wouldn't have even been invited to the Combine.