MLS Technical Directors All Meet At Hedonistic Resort In Jamaica

NEGRIL- With only weeks left until players report for Preseason duty, the technical directors of each MLS club got together at their annual Hedonist Convention in Negril, Jamaica. This event promotes endless pleasures while giving the directors a chance to unwind from the stress of the job.

One director even asserted, "This is really where we feel like we can be ourselves. Being the guys who totally run the organization from top to bottom really will wear on you throughout the long season. Coming down here is vindication that it's all worth something in the end." Another director went on to say, "It's just nice to finally come somewhere where we are the ones getting the handouts." 

The resort also provides the directors with constant practice in negotiation. Usually the strong, assertive types tend to get what they want in the end. This experience also affords them the opportunity to see local talent in the area, as well as soccer players. 

Additional Note: It is an unwritten requirement of all directors to throw their cell phones into the ocean before partaking in any event at the resort.