Star Striker Founds Charity Under Own Name With Message Of Humility And Teamwork.

LOS ANGELES- American stud striker, Brandon Lonnivan announced this week that he will be opening the "Lonnivan Foundation" for underprivileged youth in his city. Lonnivan took to Twitter to say, "Humility is a key factor to why I'm so great at Soccer. Individual awards are fantastic but so are team championships. #BallisLife." 

TFBF caught up with Lonnivan at the Stub Hub Center yesterday. When asked if the name on the front of jersey is more important than the back, Lonnivan replied, "Depends whose name is on the back." 

Needless to say, the little Lonnivan achievers will be showered with blue collar, humble advice to take home with them. It's great to see players giving back!


Jeb BrovskyComment