Zero Cut Players Picked Up In MLS Re-Entry Draft Because They Were Cut.

ATLANTA- Here comes another MLS Re-Entry Draft and there goes another MLS Re-Entry Draft. In what the WSJ called, "The Most Pointless Draft Since The Cold War," the Re-Entry Draft is the essentially the League's Island of Misfit Toys. Mostly comprised of overpaid players, the draft list is all about picking value.

TFBF caught up with a spokesman for Atlanta United (over beers). When asked why teams automatically PASS on the Re-Entry Draft the spokesman replied, "It's like you're being offered a big piece of shit at market value." It should be noted that players who are selected in the Draft must still negotiate a new contract. "If I gave you a piece of shit and told you to pay market value for it, would you? No, you'd pay the minimum you possibly could. So that's what we do." the spokesman added. 

Reports continue to circulate that the MLS is considering adding a 3rd Re-Entry Draft in order to increase their website traffic. 


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