PRO To Allow Seeing-Eye Dogs On Field In 2018

LOS ANGELES- PRO (Professional Referee Organization) announced on Monday that it would be teaming up with FIFA for its next big project. Beginning in 2018, referees in MLS and NASL will be able to have a Guide Dog/Companion with them on the field. The organization will be getting their dogs from a local kill-shelter and thus be unaware of the dog's history of aggression.

This is a benefit in the eyes of PRO officials. "Not only will the dogs help to be our eyes for the 90+ minutes but they can also help us with the enormous problem of crowding the referee," said one official. Reports out of PRO this week are that professional dog trainers are currently training the canines to be able to sniff out simulation. "These pups have a 6th sense... and that is smelling if someone is being a little bitch," stated the owner of the kill-shelter. 



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