MLS Combine To Include Series Of Juggling Tests

Dating back to 2000, the MLS SuperDraft has been a cornerstone event for teams around the league. It's important to take the preparation leading up to the Draft seriously and one event that coaches in particular look forward to. 

This year, coaches from around the MLS got together and decided they had to come up with an easy test that would officially separate the good players from the bad. Many coaches shared common frustrations about "feeling duped" by their former drafted players. "It's like they were a completely different player in College," commented one assistant coach. 

Instead of individual meetings with the players, this year the coaches decided to have a juggling test right there in the hotel room. "We bring up the player we are interested in and see if he can juggle in a tight space." said Bruce Arena. "Many players get three or four and then hit the lamp or the bed. Shame, really."

Additional Note: The tests will be implemented this year and will go on as a scientific study for a minimum of 12 years.