American Soccer Fans Still Applauding Defensive Bicycle Kicks

HOUSTON- We have all seen the glorious, yet rare incident when a striker floats his body off the ground and bicycle kicks the ball gracefully into the back of the net. The crowd goes wild and the video is replayed for weeks, months and even years to come. On some occasions, even defenders feel the need to bicycle kick the ball 20-30 yards up the field to ease pressure off their team. 

Unfortunately, when this happens, American soccer fans react as if the defender has actually scored the bicycle kick. Unlike any other place in the world, some American fans tend to scream, clap and rejoice when defenders do this. One MLS defender, who wishes to stay anonymous, told TFBF that he has been "fan favorite since the year I bicycle kicked 3 clearances." 

This type of applause is not limited to just defensive bicycle kicks however. This uproar also occurs when:

  • The ball is kicked over 30 ft. in the air.
  • A defender clears a cross with a 20ft. or more header.
  • The ball gets cleared at least 15 rows up in the stands.
  • A goalkeeper unnecessarily dives to collect a lackluster shot.