Youth Coach Buys Adidas Sambas To Gain Credibility

DENVER- It was a tough 2016 season for the Colorado Sidewinders and their coach, Matt Petkey. After an 0-36 record, Matt completely lost his credibility, self-respect, marriage and dignity. Parents held an annual meeting and decided to relieve Matt of his coaching duties. 

Fortunately, Petkey landed a job weeks later coaching rival team, the Formidable Foxes. At the first training session, Petkey made sure to wear his brand new Adidas Sambas and completely turned his coaching career around. Parents on the Foxes said, "he seems like an incredibly knowledgable and competent coach." Another father on the team noticed, "he has 'that look' to him like he's been in the soccer world forever. He's even showed the kids how to kick the ball really far."

"Look good, coach good," Mike uttered getting out of his 1989 Mercury Sable. Whether that statement is true or not, the Foxes have started the season 2-6 which is a massive improvement for Petkey. 

Additional news: Petkey is considering wearing the Sambas on his Tinder dates to turn the tides in his favor.