Report: Toronto FC Confirm Small Changes To Locker Room For Giovinco

TORONTO- Microscopic yet consequential changes are planned for the team locker room at BMO Field, home of Toronto FC. TFC General Manager, Tim Bezbatchenko, told TFBF this week that the club will undergo "petite alterations to the locker room in order to accommodate our first-class player, Giovinco."

Bezbatchenko mentioned that Giovinco raised concerns about little things such as not being able to reach the faucets, shower handles, urinal flush valves as well as his personal locker hooks. One TFBF source confirmed that all of these components will be addressed and uniformly altered for Giovinco's frame.

This decision is met with an inexplicable uneasiness amongst the other players. Notably, Jozy Altidore has expressed feelings of apprehension about potential lower back issues due to persistent bending over. Another player who wishes to remain anonymous, told TFBF, "We love Gio and he is a massive part of this club but I am worried about having to hold a deep squat just to shower."

Additional Note: Giovinco reportedly narrates the biblical story of David and Goliath to the entire team before every match.