NASL Players Relieved To Be Moving Out of Parents' Basement And Get Back To Work

JACKSONVILLE- It appears that after a long and arduous road, the NASL will endure and continue the 2017 season on schedule. This is thrilling news in particular for the players themselves. A recent TFBF poll revealed that 94% of all active NASL players live with their parents in the offseason to "offset costs."

One player's mother went on to say, "I love having him home but people in the neighborhood (especially nosey Nancy) keep asking me why my professional athlete son is staying in my basement 4 months out of the year."

Studies show that the average NASL salary, in fact, will automatically apply a player for public assistance. There is no doubt that most of these players must get creative just to keep their heads above water. Some players, like George Blest of Jacksonville Armada, lie about their country of origin for the mere reason of living rent-free with a "host family."

Additional Note: 6 of 8 NASL teams have agreed to include food stamps in all player contracts.