Rapids Fans Excited For 'Laser Pointer' Night at DSGP

COMMERCE CITY- There is no doubt that 'Laser Pointer' Night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Colorado is one of the most anticipated events in the MLS calendar year. More than 20,200 people attended last year's game vs. the Philadelphia Union. The Rapids, aided by the laser pointers in the crowd, went on to win the game 12-2 with a 94% possession advantage. 

Some of the more sour, uncreative teams around the league are getting fed up with the event saying, "it's a clear advantage when 20,000 laser pointers are blinding your players every time you win possession." 

Investigations late last year, performed by members of PRO, concluded "there is no distinct advantage for the home team that we can tell with our five senses. What we do know is that the collateral damage of these laser pointers is many home players also getting temporarily blinded. We never anticipated there would be so many kids in the stands."



Jeb BrovskyComment