MLS to Implement "No Walls" During 2017 Campaign

NEW YORK- President Donald Trump has issued a "cautionary yellow card" to the MLS after the league announced this week that any kind of wall formation during free kick situations is now strictly forbidden. This decision comes in the wake of the controversial border wall proposed by President Trump. With the new rule, goalkeepers are no longer allowed to set a wall regardless of the free kick location. 

Don Garber, Commissioner of Major League Soccer, told reporters on Tuesday, "We think this is a symbolic decision. To openly protest the border wall proposal is paramount to show our players and fans that we may cross borders but WE DO NOT CROSS THE LINE."

Naturally, some fans have taken to social media to express their concerns. The main theme of these grievances is centered around free kicks being much easier now without having walls to impede the shooter. Some believe this would truly ruin the purpose of having free kicks. As @niko2388 posts, "Now we are making Free Kicks more "free?" Bunch of takers in the MLS."

Others share the opinion of Danny Shottenbeck (@dbagshot69) who posted, "4 or 5 dudes holding their junk just in case a ball hits them? This part of the game sucks anyways. Good Riddance. #Pansies."