Revolution Announce New Partnership With Drip Doctors

NEW ENGLAND- The New England Revolution announced a new 4-year shirt sponsorship deal with the controversial company, Drip Doctors. Despite being recently linked to Samir Nasri's doping scandal, Drip Doctors are pleased to be moving forward in a positive light.

The DD spokeswoman revealed to TFBF, "We want to prove that we are, in fact, improving athletic performance both naturally and tactually. We bring added value to these athletes and we aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves and show it."

TFBF reached out to the Kraft family in-house counsel, Chuck Schwartz for comment. "The Revs want to put their breast, sorry, best foot forward this year. In the end, they are a vitamin company that looks to extract every ounce of potential these athletes have out of their bodies and we are all in."