'Die-hard' Fans Fly To Wrong City For Club's First Match

MINNEAPOLIS- To the common observer, couple Dennis Langley and his wife Karen appear to be one of the most diehard soccer couples in the Twin Cities. Following the Loons throughout the club's history, the couple was ecstatic for the start of the MLS season. Dennis and Karen woke up late Friday morning after a red-eye flight into San Jose. The problem: Minnesota United plays in Portland this week.  

"Classic mix up," said Dennis, who was now becoming nauseous due to his own stupidity. "I could have sworn they were in San Jose this week." he quietly murmured under his breath. 

TFBF obtained information from numerous sources that MLS supporters across the country are flying to the wrong cities for the first games. Independent studies show that lack of Twitter use is the main cause of these unfortunate misunderstandings. 

"We don't even post on any other platform." said one MLS marketing employee. "If it's not on Twitter, it's fake news."

Dennis and Karen Langley claim that MNUFC's official website is to blame. Either way, the Langley's are sure to enjoy their weekend vacation at the Best Western in flooded San Jose.

Additional note: Karen encountered some equally confused Philadelphia Union fans at the continental breakfast in the morning.