MLS Disciplinary Committee Reviews Matches While Playing Drinking Games

NEW YORK- The infamous MLS Disciplinary Committee is back in headlines this week after audio leaks of meetings reveal that the members were playing drinking games while simultaneously voting on suspension and fine issues. The Disciplinati members are heard yelling obscenities at each other while imitating Simon Borg saying, "THAT'S A RED CARD, FOR ME!" Pat Benatar songs can be heard faintly in the background and one member seems to know every lyric.

Games of quarters, flip cup, beer pong and the most awkward game of Never Have I Ever were all played at the event. The secret is out for this secret society. MLS is investigating the purpose of these parties and the legality of having to reimburse former and current players for due to negligence. This indeed leaves a smeared stain on the pants of the adolescent League.